Plan Your Transit Trip Online!

We’ve just launched an online trip planner for our local transit service! You can now go to, enter your origin and destination addresses, date and time and then just click “plan trip!”  You’ll immediately get a customized transit trip plan – complete with route, schedule, and any necessary walking directions. It’s that easy!  The Google trip planner also produces plans for walking and bicycling routes.

You can use the online trip planner for trips throughout our service area and also to Mason and Grays Harbor Counties. You can also use it for trips to Pierce County – but only on Intercity Transit Olympia Express buses not on Pierce Transit Olympia Express buses – as they are not set-up on Google Transit, yet.

We work hard to continue to provide services that will make your customer experience better. We know many riders have been waiting for an online trip planner. So, give it a try – and let us know what you think!


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